Where We Are

The certified organic farm "Alpe di Puntato" is located in the Municipality of Stazzema (LU) at 1150 meters above the sea level; sited in the Apuan Alps Park of high Versilia, more precisely in a locality called "Paravii" by the natives.  T
he company has an overview on the beneath valley, allowing people to enjoy a wonderful view of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, majestically dominated by the mountains of "Pania della Croce" and "Pizzo delle Saette".
The typical fauna is represented by wild boars, mouflons, roe deer, badgers, dormice, squirrels, porcupines, martens, buzzards, hawks, owls, barn owls and recently also the red partridge reintegrated  by the Park Authority.
The wooded flora consists of chestnut trees, beeches, birches, beeches, rowan trees and boxwoods.
The barear flora  consists of plums, walnuts, apple trees, maraschino cherries, berries, drupes and fruits of the undergrowth.
The area is rich of spontaneous aromatic and officinal plants such as hypericum and dandelion, traditionally used in the local basic cooking.
There are also rare floral varieties, studied by botanists from all over Europe, which occur in the "Torbiera di Fociomboli" called "Padule" which represents the largest wetland area of Apuane, a plateau of about 1 hectare that was the bed of an ice basin still keeping its typicity.

Torbiera Fociomboli Torbiera Fociomboli Torbiera Fociomboli

The organic farm is easily reachable, although exclusively on foot, through the C.A.I. Nr. 128-129-11 paths, where it's easy to relive ancient sensations and lost atmospheres.

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How To Arrive By Car


         LUCCA exit  (“Garfagnana”, visits Centre of Castelnuovo, Wind Cave)
A12 Genova-Rosignano
         VERSILIA exit (Southern Apuane, Seravezza Visitor Center, Corchia's Cavern)
         MASSA exit (Northern Apuane, visitor center of the Spinning mill, “FILANDA” of  F"orno”)
From “Forte dei Marmi” / “Querceta” climb up the provincial road through “Seravezza” and go streight on until you reach “Terrinca”.
After about 1 km turn right for “Passo Croce” until the end of the road at “Fociomboli”.
From here continue by foot for about half an hour through the beech forest of Puntato until you reach the refuge.

How To Reach Us By Train



         Viareggio, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Massa Centro, Carrara.
         Railway that comes off from Viareggio - Florence in correspondence with the station of “Lucca” and crosses “Garfagnana”          and "Lunigiana” eastern-central that ends in “Aulla”, where it intersects the “Parma”- “La Spezia” line.
         Area of considerable tourist interest.

How To Reach Us By Plane


         The nearest airport from the Park it's the international airport "GALILEO GALILEI" of “PISA” (about 30 km).
         Also in “Cinquale”, 5 kilometers from “Forte dei Marmi” (Versilia), there is a small tourist airport with a grass track.

How to reach us with other public public transport


         The public bus companies that serve the Park territory are:
         CLAP (Lucca) - Tel. 0584/53704
         LAZZI (Firenze) - Tel. 0584/46233 - 0584/962178
         CAT (Massa Carrara) - Tel. 0585/85211 - 0585/71492