" Agricultural Pursuits "

"Alpe di Puntato" was born in 2009, but the project was already underway in 2005 with the purchase of two rural buildings on 15000 square meters of land (respectively 12,000m2 of arable land and 3000m2 of wooded area).

Our goal is to create a multifunctional receptive accommodation, where its function as a hostel is strictly conjoined with tourist and environmental education - not only for children, but also for all of those who, oppressed by their daily routine, would like to rediscover the pleasure of being in contact with nature, and perhaps to rediscover old customs, traditions and crafts.

The main goal of the company is to create a completely self-sustainable reality in terms of long-term water consumption and thermal and energy supply, using the spring water (collected in special tanks), the wood (for the heating provided by the stoves), and the electricity released by photovoltaic panels and environmentally friendly wind turbines.

Our intention is to install a petrol turbine with zero environmental impact in order to make the best use of the natural resources of this area and to produce hydroelectric energy; we hope to do so in the very near future.

The basis of the company is for the experience acquired by visitors here on the Alpes to be a source of inspiration for those who want to start an eco-sustainable lifestyle, more respectful towards the environment and towards future generations.

Alpe di Puntato

Rifugio Il Paleo

Pala Eolica

What Do We Do

The organic farm "Alpe di Puntato" is essentially oriented towards the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, inspired by the principles of organic farming, promoting the recovery of ancient seeds and native varieties.
The cultivated areas are the result of an extensive recovery work of old terraces, resulting in a real clean-up work, still ongoing, to increase the amount of usable areas.
In the vegetable garden we produce typical local crops, especially potatoes, onions and cabbage, as well as other vegetables such as carrots, salads, leeks, beets and so on..

Botanical Garden Botanical Garden Vegetables

The orchard is the result of a careful varied choice aimed at recovery native species that are almost disappeared, like apple trees "rust", "pianello", "belfiore", "lucchesi" pears and "bettolino", "blood of dragon" plums and "claudia verde", as well as "lapen"cherries and " marchiana del colle "whose fruits present variegated sizes, shapes and colors, reflecting the marked biodiversity that distinguishes the cultures of the past.


Orchard Honeycomb Winter Orchard

For some years we have undertaken the beekeeping activity in order to further enhance the resources of the place, since there are multiple spontaneous nectariferous plants and large chestnut woods that allow the production of an excellent chestnut honey and “millefiori”(wildflower).


Winter Bees Bees

Our Activities

We regularly organize theme parties (of the erbs, of the mountain pasture) and during the good season we also organize excursions by foot along the arch of the mountains, reaching the more or less known destinations of the surroundings.


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"Alpe di Puntato" wants to invent a multifunctional agricultural enterprise.